Toodle E-Scooter Sharing for Hotels

A complete e-scooter & BIKE sharing solution made just for hotels.

I'm a guest

Ready to toodle around town?
Download the Toodle® app and get going!

You can register and use the Toodle app at any property that has Toodle available.

I'm a hotel

Toodle is a totally turn-key micromobility amenity.
Give your guests a convenient, green, branded mobility option and a some awesome fun.

I'm a shop

We’ve bundled everything you’ll need to effortlessly roll out a bike or e-scooter program for your community including branded vehicles, optional insurance and more.

Smart vehicles

Guests have access to smart e-vehicles equipped with the latest tech and secondary locks for taking breaks away from the property.

Custom branding

It’s your fleet and it’s custom branded just for you. You’ll work with our designers to custom brand your fleet in advance of shipment.

Management tools

Guests can access your program and pay for rides through the Toodle app. And you’ll have complete visibility and control of your program from a special dashboard.

Service & support

We’ll help you setup and launch your program and everything will be delivered ready to roll. Need an extra hand? No problem. We’re available for ongoing support and can help keep everything running smoothly.

Hotel benefits

Keep guests happy with an automated, super convenient, transportation option at their doorstep for an unforgettable travel experience.

Be unique

Whizzing billboards -- the bikes and e-scooters are branded and carry the property logo through town.


Set rates as needed. Toodle offers everything you need to run your own program as you see fit.

It’s exclusive

Set up a fleet and it’s your own private program. Unlike city programs, guests need to bring the vehicles back to end their ride.

It’s a blast

It’s not just convenient -- it’s really fun. Exploring by e-scooter is super convenient and a whole lot of fun. Guests will appreciate the convenience for getting around simply and easily.

Guest benefits

Guests (and employees) will appreciate a super convenient, green, mobility option at the property.

Easy to rent

Guests can easily rent with the Toodle app. It’s simple and automated.

Great rates

Set your rates appropriately for your market and usage. Pay per minute, per hour, for the day -- however you like.

Convenient alternative

Guests can plan to use your bikes and e-scooters for their day. They can rent for and plan their day around a personal and reliable transportation option.

Green alternative

Say it with your wheels. Push green alternatives for your guests so they can support your environmental priorties.

About toodle

Toodle outfits hotels and businesses with mobility solutions. Toodle includes everything needed to launch: fleets of custom branded vehicles, accessories, insurance and a revenue capturing rental platform.

Toodle gets guests around town using bikes and light electric vehicles, promoting an efficient alternative to cars.

Ready to launch Toodle at your property? Get in touch.

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